Triple D

IoT cyberattacks are the new normal, the security mindset isn’t

In the next decade more than 80 billion connected devices around the world will be in constant communication with each other and the people surrounding them.

Solutions for the IOT age

We see a big growth from sensors and actuators in smart energy, smart water , smart buildings and smart homes.
Yet with this explosion of connected devices the main problem will become how to control that datastream even though protection becomes better we are not out of the woods yet. Due to the changes of getting discovered the use the tactics of the outlawchanges- rob the bank as quickly as possible – smash and trash.


A software attack on a supply chain represents one of the most insidious form of hacking.By breaking into a developers network any component can become infected since the next software update will cary code in apps and server applications that are trusted.Something what happened recently with involved microsoft exchange servers in recent attacks. The malware, dubbed LightNeuron, allows the attackers to read and modify any email passing through the compromised mail server, create and send new emails, and block emails to prevent the intended recipients from receiving them.

The speed of innovation itself creates new vulnerabilities and dependabilities . So its time more rigid measurements to get connected devices only to talk with integer thrustworthy sources.

Delta driven mentality

We have done this from a defence in depth principle , but with a Dutch twist – hence the TRIPLE D Dutch Data Defence.

As Holland is under sea-level with the lowest delta being 22 feet ( 6.7 meters) there is not much imagination needed on how important watermanagement and the dikes are . So we offer a quality high mechanical and infrastructure installations for a fair price.
These deltas are maintained by our Dutch Government since they are too important to be commercially managed. In an industry where security , and its related governance maintenance is exploding many are convinced that secure designed delta driven mentality will be the dawn of a new IOT industry with trustworthy connected devices.

Using Triple D platform

By using our Triple D platform quickly partners can connect on your terms, data can be collected using opensource techniques from inside the company and from outside sensors like leak detection, energy monitoring and of course analitics for reference on premisse.

Vendor lockin

From the beginning of process control automation vendors sold their products to physical distributors. (Systemintegrators and maintenance teams and cloudproviders )and to sell these as a package for a huge profit marges and you are not owner of the data you produce. Its important to be clear on who controls the code and who is responsible for its development,maintenance performance and overall governance.


Since there are no standards for industrial 4.0 we have decided to use the isa 99 and isa 95 in this new software- defined network .This will enable the company to be between awareness and at same time have the ability to defend your datasources while operating your business at the same time Thats why P@ssport decided to bring cloudcapabilities to the place where it matters, in your organisation.

  1.  Secure
  2. Compliant
  3.  Sustainable And above all your data is your data .