Triple D architecture

Triple D

“An integrated software centric architecture that integrates compute, storage and networking on commodity hardware promises cost effective infrastructure solution that is simple to deploy manage and scale. ”
George Weiss vicepresident and distinguished analyst at Gartner

P@ssport went a step further and made this environment capabel for real time , near time analytics on premise while not forgetting about alarms that can be targeted to any sms capable device. Our triple D platform will enable companies to have high availability and virtualized workloads with unlimited scalability for an fraction of the costs1 Petabyte on 1 u rack – done!

By using open architecture and components stakeholders and ownership roles are overcomming problems like who controls the code and who is responsible for it’s lifecycle management. By using only the nodes needed the Triple D is capable to replace midsize disk arrays in virtualized environments which are good for the sustainability footprint. Oh and no licensing cost for high availability, or virtualization.


Triple D can be a companion for mission critical applications that demand predictable behaviour and proven reliability with a secure by design framework based upon open standards. Currently, other intelligent devices lack integration in their environment and are “orphaned” from the existing network which forces companies into silo cloud deployments.
By adding a new model for datanalytics, transport, and initiatives like Machine Learning can now fitted right in to be used within legacy solutions. And as such a simply to deploy virtualized platform can be delivered on which rich data can be analyzed to instantly give you more insight in your operations. Our vision is to reduce waste by using lean data computing using architecture principles of course secure by design.

P@ssport vision is to reduce company waste in infrastructures around IOT by using lean datacomputing philosophy to embed controls through architectural standardisation which will form clean and simple operational excellence of course secure by design.

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