Last Mile

Due to the explosion with more than 80 billion connected devices nowadays around the world a strategy on how to connect those in a manner that fits your companies policies are crucial. These systems will reshape and challenge on how we create,measure and add value to data.

The last mile has been a puzzle for everyone with so many networks ( NB-IOT , LoRaWan, Zigbee) and even more protocols ( COAP, MQTT) and proprietary silolized platforms.
The choice is enormous and before committing a real “will this work for us” the pro ‘s and con’s should be investigated. By using our Triple D platform diverse benefits can be realized out of the box.

  1.  First-Trustworthy – By having an always on environment that will manage workloads even those that are difficult to predict ( continuity )
  2. Second -Affordable- by using sofwarecentric architecture Triple D Dutch Data Defence integrates raw computer power , storage and networking in a way that beats all the existing solutions out there .These solutions come of course without intelligent connectivity and absolute enforcement. And no licensing fee for the virtualization or the disaster recovery modules.
  3. Third- A more resilient network that is scalable , flexible and above all secure by design through intelligent connectivity and absolute enforcement making maintenance and support a simple operational control management exercise.
  4. Four- autonomous environment within the current tooling capable to build secure interfaces with sensors and actuators in legacy environments from proprietary systems.
  5.  Fifth- Fast and adaptable to changing requirements like demands on CO2 reduction and measurements like activating performance related energy monitoring programs. The data that needs to be collected- and processed through your own analytics securely brought up by absolute enforcement.

From overviews out of GIS Systems that allows you to build models that try to simulate reality and can help you build sustainable exploitation to real time data collection needed for analytics on creation, measurements and distribution of data of course secure by design.

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