Triple D infrastructure can be scaled up easily in small incremental adjustments by adding additional nodes as needed . By using our special networking capabilities remote access and data from intelligent devices are now finally met with intelligent data transport . This will enhance strategies like energie monitoring , CO2 reduction ,energie consumption reduction, early awareness on leak detecting, machine health , draught analyses . Than be application, app or iot service a like. The rootcauses that projects are not delivering what they should in the end is because commitment and who is doing what in the network, application and innovation process needed is not agile.

The process and resources to design, test and reverse this into production is a long way with costs for test teams, integration and in the end handing it over to production all comes with costs . We see it as our mission to connect enterprise data strategy with connected devices in operations. If you dont connect those two you are put into the situation where you are “hanging ” in a bottom-up wereld where operations dont know if changes matter. Or you live in a top-down world where only strategy is the mainfocus but where you dont execute .

By adding our Triple D platform this is what your organisation can achieve , flexible , scalable and with proven technologies and without having wastes to pay for.

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