Absolute Enforcement

The last few months the Industry has been shaken up by a secure by design collaboration of three companies namely  P@ssport , Innovience  , and Compumatica.

By putting together the Dutch Forces in less than three months absolute secure enforcement was born with intelligent connectivity for the last mile architected  through Triple D -Dutch Data Defence.
We have developed a software centric architecture that integrates compute, storage and networking secure by design which is simple to deploy, manage and scale. Ofcourse we use proven methodologies and standards to deliver this Power to you.

Without going into the hype that new and emerging technologies try to vent out like Blockchain, Energy Monitoring  , IoT& Smart Devices, Machine Learning, Augmented Reality , Artificial Intelligence. All have one thing in common they will need real time data and the attackfield is becoming bigger.
What they have in common is they need to be hosted and trusted to get the data , process the data and make sure that data is integer. Due to latency issues, certificate hacks  , component hacks .

Concerning availability for example  the delivery is not guaranteed- by design standard at LoRawan networks which will not work for real time data since no quality of service can be given, first in first served outside bandwidth issues.

By adding a few strictly approved components this high speed, a reliable Triple D platform is capable to expand securely to a hybrid cloud ecosystem on your terms if you should need more power temporarily .

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