Farewell to Arms (and Awareness)

Dear all,

12th of may day of the nursery as an hommage to Florence Nightingale we got confronted with outage on critical infrastucture .Especially UK hospitals which are still as we write this are hampered since photos on rontgendepartments, data of bloodsamples and other critical medical data cannot been retrieved due to the havoc encryption the worm placed upon these doctors and nurses.Doctors warned that the infiltration – the largest cyber attack in NHS history – could cost lives.

The very first requirement in a hospital is that it should do the sick no harm-

Florence Nightingale

P@ssport – warning signs and awareness

We have seen a lot of illusion of being in controls 1,2,3 , how P@ssport looks at aggresive cyberdefense and their strategy (why) , (what ) app in the walls and don qiotte (how)

Infrastucture design and specialisms.

Today after the onslaught of the worm reminded me of 14 years ago when I was fighting of the sql slammer worm and prevented down time for some big companies that had their servers hosted in our company. I felt proud and now 14 years later I see people and organisations proclaiming that the user shouldn`t click on attachments or links…..and these people are certified yet dont know how a worm works and infiltrates!

Back to basic – be preventive instead of reactive

We will be in for a bumpy ride if we keep ignoring people that know about infrastructure , and how hardware and software should work in a hybride environment and believe that software safeguarding and artificial intelligence and cloudhosters will solve all the problems and blockchain will solve all security issues. Good article about those blockchain challenges from @Maurice G. Pasman, CISSP CCSP CISM CISA CRISC a solution looking for a problem ( in Dutch)


“Providing satisfactory security controls in a computer system is in itself a system design problem. A combination of hardware, software, communication, physical, personnel and administrative procedural safeguards is required to compehensive security , in particular , software safeguards alone are not sufficient.

-The Ware Report

Defense Science Board Task Force on Computer security 1970

P@ssport has raised awareness vividly ,We have showed what will come and now we will be busy defending those that need it the most – people, organisations and devices that are not secure and have the will and authority to do so.

You will have to find the right advisors and make the right judgements on compliancy risks , vulnerability and threats.

To those of you who are in cyber security business end sell these boxes read up on some of the linkedin posts I have written and it might dawn to you or not. We don`t have half a century to explain that you are selling a promise but not overall protection .

So @Jan Martijn Broekhof thank you very much for your insight .

This is the end of our awareness campaign .From now on P@ssport wishes good luck and fortune to you all .

Ofcourse P@ssport does keep out the nasties, will give you high availability and can make you autonome and compliant which is now than ever IMPortant.

So if you want preventive maintenance with autonome cutting edge technologies who you gonna call? P@ssport the Cloudbusters – no myth just real ethernet technology that preventively protects and predicts through our Triple A strategy.

And for those who don`t get it after the headed warning of half century ago:

If the system design is not right , all the solutions you can currently buy will not protect you due to the sheer complexity of system integration and that what should protect you becomes your biggest struggle.


YOUR LIFE CAN DEPEND ON IT (Information Technology)

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