TIME TO OPERATE -Under attack hospitals and telecom already be warned by ‘Systemic’ Cyberattack Most Likely to Hit Financial, Energy Sectors hit now exploiting a vulnerability WannaCry/WanaCrypt0r 2.0 attachers probably using the NSA EternalBlue exploit to hit Windows SMB vulnerability 


On the 30th of April our consortium made history in the Netherlands for Cyber Defence for Critical Infrastructure. Unfortunately it was a not a major sponsored event such as RSA and it was setup with a lot of people that found CYBER RESILIENCE for critical infrastructure an important event and so we managed to pull it off. And we want to show you from the country that has conquered water, how P@ssport has developed a Digital Delta Strategy called Triple A that’s been showing its benefits since 2012.

Words of Gratitude

Our stakeholders have proven once again, that dedication to put in loads of hours of their own time and all components were given by sponsors and for this. P@ssport thanks BPIHoge School RotterdamC-Touch , DUPACO , Techniek College Rotterdam TU Delft , RDM and the Port of Rotterdam.

Less consensus – more actions , Made it Happen -Together .


Of course P@ssport has voiced the vulnerabilities of the critical infrastructure for a long time (since 2010), because we feel that critical infrastructure (your water, gas, electricity, transport etc.) is of vital importance. And safety is important for the well being of humans that rely on critical assets to communicate while working on plants, oil platforms or with dangerous chemicals.

Assets built for availability aka tanks and not for security aka planes.

Solutions are sought in flying tanks legisation since 2015 – yet a huge DDOS attack cripled the internet. Make (Industrial ) IOT more secure . An exercise that is in our vision mission impossible. And IOT is for us also Firewalls , IDS, IPS Routers and Switches.


While the (cyber) security vendor community is trying to convince you of reactive monitoring is the solution and every vendor has its own solution and its Service Operation Center.

Cold facts show us that those are also not secure .

Only 28% of Utilities To Implement Major Security Projects in Next 2 Years, Finds Survey Tripwire

“Even though the U.S. distribution grid isn’t covered by CIP requirements, utilities seemingly have a false belief that a Ukraine-like incident can’t happen in the U.S.”

Enter the here and now…

Where the Founder of the Cyber Senate Industrial Control Cyber Security specialist @james nesbitt in this matter ( not us ) said that this factory paid a 2 million dollars and still weren`t “clean”

A Cure for this is the High Available and Automated Faulttolerant system with extreme cyber defense capabilities all this and more we have covered since 2012 and showed it

Zero Cyber Incidents

P@ssport has demonstrated the Triple A strategy before in Abu Dhabi, Amsterdam, London, Brussels and Barcelona because P@ssport thinks its important that we operate securely, integer and safe.

Would Michigan or any other operators of critical infrastructure that are in a similar event scenario, be happy to know that P@ssport presented and demonstrated how to preventively stop this on March 30th as part of our Triple A (Availability, Autonome, Adaptable) strategy?

So we demonstrated our strategy against ransomware for DCS/SCADA once again this time in the Rotterdam at the innovation dock.


Its the connectivity stupid and firewalls IT , or OT are not going to stop Ransomware. And the rest is fighting digital windmills DON QU- IOT -TE . You have fought one vulnerability and the next is hitting in your neck . Dont open word documents is the latest one that are send to you since they are susceptible to malware.

We became more modern but still using the same tactics of security vendors with no vision prevail.

Michael McCaul


And not only that it would benefit their own IT enverionment because those are simular events. And these hit the globe as well as the Netherlands even hitting our heart of democracy our dutch parlement through a ransomware attack – protected by the same reactive tech as the rest and monitoring software that didnt kick in as it was supposed to do.

Welcome to the P@ssport edge computing #incontrol from Internet to Field device

We demonstrated at our March 30th event, that would mitigate and nihilize any effect of such a Ransomware attack, but this time not in an IT environment but in an real industrial control environment??

So P@ssport can take the negative consequences out of risk , compliancy and governance ? Yes and we have demonstrated this once again how we protect existing installations.

First virtualized a windows 2003 SCADA FT server R300 Honeywell enverionment with all the signals comming through , and control was easily done .

Mind you you wont get support of Honeywell for this , their solution is using refurbished 10 year old hardware . Our mindset is if Microsoft is not giving support , no security patches are supplied and a very dangerous zero day exploit dwarfs around that will not be patcheable for ever what that is worth .

Shodan estimates 600,000 machines still visibly running this software globally and P@ssport will state that anyone running R3x software will have this in DCS system.

We are called upon to defend not with round towers but with innovative towers – illusion of being in control part 3- castles in the cloud

So our system is airgapped- nothing comes in . Well we infected this SCADA system with a pdf disguised as a manual that when clicked triggered a ransomware attack. Now if you pay for an office net $2 million what would be the lost revenue for a week production loss?

On our system we showed how to be #incontrol even after a ransomware attack.


Mitigated and totally annihilated the attack of ransomware , back into operation within 3 minutes flat! #INCONTROL.

The Current IT and OT Service Providers have rules :

Good news P@sport knows the laws of gravity haven`t changed!

Just as an apple won`t fall upward we have designed a simple , easy and affordable Triple A Strategy .

P@ssport offers 3 TRIPLE A kind of selfservices,

  1. Available-demonstrated on March 30th.
  2. Autonome-developing thrustworthy communication between our Trust center and any other component – datacenter, IOT, IIOT component currently in progress.
  3. Adaptable-proven technology-currently protecting 27 oil and gas platforms on the North-Sea since 2012

Dutch Defence – the best there isin the world since we know how to handle floods and keep it out since 1st or 2nd century B.C, In dutch

So we made our own rules for your benefit .Welcome to the solution for a problem that is already proven and solved by P@ssport.

With P@ssport you can pick the TRIPLE A services and offer the company at the same time a strategy :Available , Autonome , and Adaptable !

P@ssport- Zero Cyber Incidents – We can put the Triple A TRUST system in any plant so all the operators are equiped immediately with an available adaptable and autonome infrastructure technology that prevents intrusions and keeps operations #incontrol .

So if U wish the highest form of availability, want to operate autonome and have question on do it yourself you can call us on:

+31 70-7370471 or mail us

P@ssport Triple A- designed to be different