P@ssport-security is a process , not a product .
A Triple A system will always beat bad people

Risk Mitigation


P@ssport – Want to know how to get #incontrol with Proteus®GDPReady™ Get ready for GDPR with the No.1 software toolkit



P@ssport is part of a international network of innovative and preventive cyber barrier risk management engineering and consultancy firms, strategic consulting for a wide range of industries.

P@ssport Triple A Strategy :
Against Attacks on Assets
  • Protect Data in transit– Yearly 20 million usb sticks get lost worldwide stolen or misplaced,that accounts for 55.000 sticks a day..do the math for your organization
  • Triple A Against Attacks on Assets Strategy– Build a framework with the right cyber barriers to protect the organization, make them compliant to EU General Data Protection Regulation and technology to protect valuable corporate data and assets. One of the artifacts is the new datAshur Pro from I-storage
  • Cyber Intrusion Prevention – Isolate and fend off cyber-attacks preventively, not reactively over the whole Cyber Value Chain
  • Cyber Risk Barrier Management– Visualize ongoing metrics and review of efficiency of security policies, procedures and investments
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Gray to Red is Dead: Be compliant

A dedicated, uniform, scalable and manageable Triple A strategy  to support the digital business that takes advantage of cyber opportunities that are outside of traditional enterprise control in dynamic environments, with little stability or control

Grey: Risk

Orange: Issues


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Internet of Things : From Internet of Threats to Internet of Trust

At this time, there is no “guide to securing IoT” available that provides us with a framework for incorporating IoT principles across all industries and use cases. Trust is the achilles heel of IoT, regardless of how data gathered from IoT are used, they’re only of value if they come from trusted resources and the integrity of data is assured. P@SSPORT and it’s partners are combining resources to engineer the infrastructure to support trusted IoT services delivery

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P@ssport offers your organization a unified Triple A switchboard

We strike the balance between convenience and security to provide convenient all parties with precisely the access they need , compliant with the GDPR requirements while keeping your organisation control

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Its simple to make things complex
and its complex to make things simple-Triple A Philosophy

weakest link

P@ssport Compliancy Integrity Architecture services are integrated in the overall Triple A approach which stands for Against Attacks on Assets.
With P@ssport Compliancy Integrity Assessment we provide insight and strategic advise in your organization current Cyber Maturity . By helping you to become preventive instead of active this will help you to make your operations compliant and your business processes in control adding value to the risk and governance management program.


We build upon 20+ years of experience in the areas of Enterprise Architecture, Network design and Security, Emergency & Disaster Recovery, Identity & Access management , Virtualization and Compliance and Reconnaissance

Together we are shaping Risk Accepted Access Control for Companies

By using our Triple A strategy you are able to cut corners conveniently


P@SSPORT we prevent your next cyber incident


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